Monday, 21 March 2011

German Football Boss Promises Support For Gay Players

Yet another positive piece of news has appeared, this time in the German media and regarding DFB President Theo Zwanziger.

In an article in the German press, Zwanziger has pledged his support for gay players in Germany who want to come out.

We at The Justin Campaign would like to applaud Mr Zwanziger for his comments. For the game to become more welcoming to members of the LGBT community both on and off the pitch, the footballing authorities need to be far more visible in their support for anti-homophobia initiatives and the inclusion of gay people in football, something which Mr Zwanziger has himself done perfectly.

Here is the link to the German article

And here is a translation, which, while not perfect, will give you the gist of what Zwanziger is saying.

German Football President Zwanziger Promises To Support Gay Players Who Come Out.

DFB president Theo Zwanziger has pledged his personal support and the assistance of the Association to any gay Bundesliga players who decide to come out. "I’d find it brave and welcome, if a football player came out. He would have the support of both the DFB and myself ", Zwanziger said before the Congress of the European Football Union (UEFA) in Paris.

On Sunday, a German TV show “Murder In The First Division” from ARD has the issue of homosexuality in the Bundesliga as its theme and Zwanziger was please to see the issue being covered in the media.

"I welcome it, " he explained. "It is important that TV shows, with their audience of millions, show taboo topics from all areas of society because keeping taboos such as sexual orientation or depression amongst others hidden, is contrary to the ideas of freedom and human dignity."

In relation to whether players should come out, Zwanziger also said: “Whether someone wants to make his sexual orientation public, they have to decide that for themselves”.

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