Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Day To Be Proud Of For The All-Stars

In the run-up to the weekend’s fabulous Brighton & Hove Pride event, the Justin Fashanu All-Stars took part in the Ford Pride football tournament on the 6th of August at Brighton Rugby Club.

15 teams from the LGBT community participated in the competition, which was organised by the Ford Motor Company and Pride.

The winners of the tournament were the London Roman Emperors while the runners up were the London Roman Conquerors. The most sporting player award was given to Michael Duff of the Brighton Bandits.

The Justin Campaign is incredibly proud of the All-Stars, despite the team not making it past the group stages of the competition. The All-Stars put out an all-female team, with trans woman Juliet Jacques lining out for the Brighton–based side.

Jacques, a freelance journalist who writes for The Guardian, said: “Being trans wasn’t an issue during the tournament. It was a very safe and welcoming environment to play football.”

The Justin Campaign is committed to tackling transphobia in the game, as well as homophobia and biphobia, and we were delighted to see Juliet line out in the famous pink jersey.

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