Friday, 7 October 2011

Wolverhampton College Students Tackle Homophobia in Football

Students from the City of Wolverhampton College took to the field on Friday 30 September 2011, in an inter college Six-A-Side college tournament to challenge homophobia in football. The tournament was run in partnership with the Justin Campaign, which was founded to demonstrate misconceptions that exist around Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans (LGBT) people in football. Teams took part with student drawn from a variety of departments across all five of the college’s campuses and a team from The Justin Campaign.

In the morning a workshop, run by the Justin Campaign was held for Wolverhampton College sports students. The workshop’s aim was to raise the awareness of the damaging impact homophobia can have on LGBT people, and to help develop a greater understanding of the problem.

Adam Dwight lecturer in sport at the City of Wolverhampton College said: “This was a very enjoyable event and a great many students took part. More importantly it was an opportunity to raise awareness of a very serious issue, which exists in both amateur and professional football. Hopefully by informing and educating our students, they will respect other people and remember that football is a game that should be enjoyed by everyone on the same terms.”

Jayne Caudwell from the Justin Campaign said: ‘’The young people I met at the City of Wolverhampton College, in the workshop and at the football tournament, are very interested in issues of equality. They were very keen to know more about The Justin Campaign and we discussed ways to make football a more welcoming place for all people regardless of sexuality and gender identity. They aim to do something on 19th Feb, 2012 (International Football v Homophobia day). It was a pleasure to met such a responsive group of students.’’

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