Monday, 8 November 2010

This man must resign

Every now and then you read something that makes you feel ill.

In an interview in his home country, Vlatko Markovic, the president of the Croatian Football Association stated there was no place for homosexuals in the national side.

His exact comments were: "While I'm president...there will be no homosexuals playing in the national team.

"Luckily only normal people play football."

How such a vile bigot could reach such a prominent position is beyond the Justin Campaign.

This is such a massive step backwards for the whole movement to rid the beautiful game of homophobia.

The authorities in this country must sit up and take notice and put sanctions on the Croatian FA.

Any authority exhibiting such a prejudiced stance to any group should be seriously reprimanded. Further sporting tours of Croatia should be put under review until a full and comprehensive apology (or indeed, resignation) is secured from Vlatko Markovic.

The Justin Campaign will shortly present a petition requesting Markovic issue such an apology. Stay tuned for further details.

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