Thursday, 4 November 2010

Last year, the initiative was observed in eight countries!! Football matches and tournaments sprang up all over the globe with fans and communities everywhere uniting under the banner of “Football v Homophobia” for the first ever;

International day opposing homophobia in football.

This year it’s going to get bigger, better, louder and prouder than before.

This post outlines some of the ways that you, your club, team or organisation can celebrate "Football v Homophobia".

Don’t forget to get in touch with The Justin Campaign to request promotional materials, such as posters, flyers, banners and stickers to promote your event effectively.

Our brand new spanking "Football v Homophobia" website is due to be launched in the next few weeks, contact us before January 19th 2011 to get your event listed and then send us your stories and images afterwards for everyone to see!

See below, keep us informed and have a great day!

The Justin Campaign team.

Football v Homophobia 2011.

Football v Homophobia is as much about having fun as it is about demonstration and protest. We want the world to know that the global LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) community is as much a part of the beautiful game as anyone else (and if they don't believe us.... we can give them a good game to prove it!)

Organise a match or even a tournament in your local area! Contact your local newspapers/radio stations/football clubs/football authorities and get them involved!

Get everyone involved!!

Circulate news of "Football v Homophobia" to other football teams/community groups/colleges/universities/local government/politicians in the area.

Blog us, Tweet us, Facebook us, Use our pre-designed email signature to include in your email communications (downloadable from our website)

Tell your friends, your relatives, your colleagues, your boss and anyone that will listen!

Our Media & Communications Team are on call to give you advice & guidance on what to say and who to say it to!

Two left feet?

If you aren't the playing type but are a dedicated fan then assert your right to enjoy a football match without being intimidated by torrents of homophobic abuse from others and vocalise your support for your teams players that are subjected to such abuse on a weekly basis.

If you're not into Football, so what? Homophobia is an issue for everyone and therefore, tackling homophobia in football will have a positive impact on wider society!

Download our pre-written letter and send it to your local politician demanding more pressure be put on football authorities to end homophobia in football.

Organise a raffle, a quiz, a sponsored bike ride, a sponsored swim, a sponsored walk even! All donations will be put directly back into the development of "Football v Homophobia."

Make it interesting! Make it Diverse!

Football v Homophobia is about uniting all communities, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, disability and background in opposing homophobia in the game, so contact other community football teams, such as teams from different ethnic backgrounds, teams that may have disabilities or other teams from leagues in your area and involve them in your plans.

Tell us about you! Tell us about what your doing!

Send in your plans, your stories, your details and your pictures by January 19th 2011 and we will showcase everyone’s hard work on the "Football v Homophobia" website.

Find out more about Football v Homophobia 2010.

For general information contact us at

To contact our media team for advice and guidance on promoting your observance contact:

For Corporate sponsor details or official endorsement enquiries contact:

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