Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Education is key

In contrast to the last post, a London school claims to have eradicated homophobic bullying.

How? By informing youngsters of the truth and offering classes on diversity.

Kids are not stupid but they are products of their upbringing.

One of the reasons behind homophobic bullying in schools - two thirds of LGBT students claim to have been afffected - is because of a lack of education.

Until people learn about equality and celebrate important historical figures such as Alan Turing and Oscar Wilde, this will remain a serious issue.

This is why the Justin Campaign puts education as one of its major projects in the coming months.

A DVD about homophobic bullying will be available in February for use in schools.

We believe that football is a great tool to reach a wide variety of students on issues like homophobia.

Perhaps combined with the work displayed in Stoke Newington, huge steps could be taken to eradicating homophobia from all aspects our education system.

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