Monday, 16 May 2011

Justin Campaign supports International Day against Homphobia

Tomorrow is the International Day against Homophobia.

The Justin Campaign is fully behind the international initiative founded by the Fondation Émergence to, in its own words, "fight this scourge on our societies".

Much like the Justin Campaign's very own successful international event Football v Homophobia, it is a day which is not just for those who are experience prejudice.

A spokesman for the Justin Campaign said: "Even now in the 21st Century there are people who are on the receiving end of the most appalling and horrific abuse due to their sexuality. This is simply not right.

"We have shown through Football v Homophobia the positive message that can come about when people from all sections of society come together. But even in sport there are areas where progress is still needed before all can enjoy without fear.

"We urge everybody to get involved in some way, whether it is by putting a poster up, raising the rainbow flag or simply by letting friends and family know that equality is far from a reality for many. The more that know the further the message can be spread."

For more details on what you can do visit here.

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