Friday, 6 January 2012

The 2011 Justin Fashanu Cup A Huge Success

Teams from across the UK got together to play in the Justin Fashanu Cup 2011. In this year's tournaments we had people that had travelled from London, Brighton, Bristol, Trowbridge and Cambridge to play in the five a side tournament being hosted by the Justin Campaign and the Trowbridge Tigers. On Day 1 teams played up to four 24 minute games and in the evening took part in Darts and Pool competitions at the Prestbury Sports Bar in Warminster.

On day 2 of the competition, the final standings were established after another round of games. The Easton Cowboys edged past Sister Act to win the women's competition, in the men's division the Prestbury Tigers ran away with the league with the Trowbridge Tigers team finishing second.

At the presentation evening trophies were presented to the winning teams and medals given to the winners and runners up in both divisions. There were also trophies for the top goalscorer and the player of the tournament. All of the trophies were kindly paid for by RRUK (Rainbow Rooms UK).


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