Monday, 30 January 2012

The Justin Campaign Statement On BBC3's 'Britain's Gay Footballers'

The Justin Campaign was delighted by the broadcast of the documentary ‘Britain's Gay Footballers’ on BBC3 on Monday evening. To see the issue, one which the campaign has been working hard to highlight since 2008, now starting to get the coverage it deserves is extremely exciting.

The Campaign was extremely moved and proud to see Justin Fashanu, the man after whom we named our voluntary organisation, being discussed in such a respectful and positive manner. In addition, the contribution of QPR player Joey Barton must be applauded and highly commended. Having a high-profile player like Barton speak up on the issue will make young people, who look up to him, think again about using homophobic language. It will also provide support for those youngsters who are unsure about their own sexuality; Barton’s positive engagement with the issue will undoubtedly make them feel more secure.

A spokesperson for the Campaign said:

“Football still has a very long way to go in properly dealing with the problems of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia within the sport. However, the more the issue is discussed and is brought out of the closet, the easier it will be to address the problems.”

“The Justin Campaign is proud to be working with The FA and a number of Premier League and Football League clubs on the forthcoming Football v Homophobia initiative, which takes places from February 18th – 26th. “

“The fact that we are now working in partnership with major organisations and clubs in the game shows how far we have come. We hope that the momentum increases and we can finally reach a time when sexuality is no longer a barrier to being a footballer or a fan.”
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  1. That's true of course; but the programme will be remembered equally for the Shakespearean exposition of John Fashanu's betrayal and cowardice. A revolting little worm who needs to confront the fact that he played a part in his far more talented brother Justin's demise.