Monday, 16 July 2012

Justin Campaign at Brighton and Hove People's Day

Volunteers from the Justin Campaign were among hundreds of people to attend this weekend's People's Day in Brighton and Hove.

The day, which aims to showcase the splendid variety of Brighton and Hove’s community, proved a great opportunity for the campaign to raise awareness its work and meet some great people from other community groups.

We recruited some new volunteers, and also got to challenge people to a game of table football. That was just part of a successful and fun day out.

Our stall also had examples of the education work the Campaign has been involved in along with photos of tournaments and education projects. It was really gratifying that so many people came over to chat and offer their support for the campaign.

 People’s Day was all about embracing difference and along with the Sudanese, Chinese, Gambian, police officers, singers, artists and cakemakers who shared the hall with us we learned a lot about how diversity makes you stronger.

And we got to play table football, with Bill Randall, the city's Mayor. Final score? Well, let’s just say it’s not the winning but the taking part, and People’s Day was all about everyone taking part.

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