Thursday, 6 January 2011

Fighting homophobia is more important than austerity

The drive to make budget cuts is dominating the political scene throughout the western world.

Everyone is being forced to cut back on luxuries as taxes and unemployment increase.

Aside from the obvious impact on the public sector, the voluntary and third sector is also set to suffer from the withdrawal of money from Governments.

It is a worrying time for all.

But the head of a major think tank has urged that promoting equality in sport should not fall victim to the belt-tightening measures.

Laurent Thieule, head of Sport and Citizenship, adds that sport plays a crucial role in promoting equality in society.

The fight against racism in the UK is just one example of where highlighting an issue on the field can lead decision makers off it.

But without comparatively minuscule pots of money, progress could not have been made.

It is therefore crucial that people listen to Thieule's words and continue to push for something which is morally right.

Equality is not a luxury, it is a basic human right.

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