Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sport: a leveller

Encouraging news.

A survey in the United States confirms that sport is "racially progressive" - in simple terms, sport provides more equality than other tiers and forms of society.

The figures within the piece could form the basis for a dozen seperate theses.

But the headline fact is it is confirmation that sport does provide a framework for people to be seen as equals. Confirmation that once you cross onto the pitch/court/arena, the colour of someone's skin is rightfully not an issue.

It is credit to all those agencies, professional bodies and organisations that have highlighted that sport has no place for discrimination at all.

But sadly the same cannot be said for homophobia within sport.

In many ways the LGBT community face greater discrimination within sport then in the rest of society.

Football, for instance, has yet to have its "Jackie Robinson" moment.

This must change.

A quote in the linked article, attributed to a world champion boxer, states: "You need more black athletes doing more positive things."

Substitute "black" for "gay" and the message is the same for the LGBT community.

Regular readers of the blog will know that we are not actively seeking to "out" a footballer - merely to support him or her when they make a very personal decision.

But when such an occassion happens, it will be a massive step along the way.

If anything this report sums up what many of us fighting for equality know: that sport is the ultimate leveller.

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