Tuesday, 11 January 2011

"We are at least moving" - Matt Lucas

We must remain optimistic.

This the message from Matt Lucas, the comedy star who shot to worldwide fame with BBC television series Little Britain.

In an exclusive interview with the Justin Campaign the Arsenal fan said, despite personally witnessing homophobic abuse, progress was being made on the issue.

Lucas told the Justin Campaign: "There was a time when it was acceptable to be racist and throw bananas at black players. It is still acceptable to abuse players suspected of being gay, or just to label a player as being gay in order to undermine and intimidate them, but that will eventually fade.

"These things happen gradually. It is better than it was, so let’s appreciate that however slowly we move, we are at least moving."

Lucas added he had seen homophobic abuse directed at both fans and players during games.

He said: "I have experienced both, and from both home and away fans.

"It was hostile, but it came from a minority. And when I complained to the club about it, the complaint was taken very seriously and treated just as it would if I had been racially abused, which incidentally has also occurred."

To read the full interview visit http://www.thejustincampaign.com/interview-mattlucas.htm

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