Monday, 7 February 2011

Football v Homophobia - part 1

February 19 is nearing sooner than expected.

But from all the fantastic feedback and response we have had it is clear that this year's Football v Homophobia will be bigger and better than 2010.

Here is just one example of a new group that is on side - Wiltshire and Swindon Men's Sexual Health.

With the backing of local football team, the health teams will be using the Football v Homophobia banner to present a number of extremely important messages.

As Trowbridge Tigers player Nick Pitcher said: "Well when you look at what happened to Justin Fashanu, when he was disowned by members of his own family and being dropped into the reserves and all the adverse publicity, he went and committed suicide, so it doesn't set the stall up for other players to come out.

"And it's obvious that every football team, and every league, there are going to be gay players, but they can't come out because of the repercussions, which is a great shame."

This is just one of the many events happening across the world to mark February 19. To let us know about you event please email or leave a comment below.

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