Monday, 28 February 2011

The Justin Campaign supports England cricketer Steven Davies

The Justin Campaign has backed England cricket player Steven Davies in his decision to publically acknowledge his sexuality.

The England and Surrey wicketkeeper today “came out” with the support of the cricket community, saying: “I want to be remembered as a good cricketer, not a gay cricketer”.

The Justin Campaign, which works towards promoting LGBT equality and inclusion in football, would like to add its public support to Steven’s decision.

Alan Duffy, of the Justin Campaign, said: “Steven’s decision and the support he has received from everybody in the game is proof that it is what happens on the pitch which counts.

“It is definitely a positive move and one that can only help promote equality in UK sport.

“Once again we see other sports take the lead while football remains one of the only major sports where people feel afraid to freely admit who they are.

“We look forward to the day when professional footballers feel able and free to make the same decision without the invisible barriers of bigotry, discrimination and hatred that is entrenched within the game.”

The Justin Campaign, which is named after the Justin Fashanu, the only openly gay professional footballer in the UK, who had to battle abuse throughout his career.

It works not to “out” players, but to create an environment where players and fans feel free to enjoy the beautiful game.

The campaign recently held an international initiative, Football v Homophobia, which was celebrated across the globe and had the backing of the FA and Uefa.

For more details on the announcement see here.

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